INRIX Real Estate Drive Time Search Revisited

If you attended Clareity’s 2013 MLS Executive Workshop you got a sneak peak at one of the coolest technologies to enter the industry this year – “Drive Time” search by INRIX. We discussed it further on the Clareity blog ( and some of our clients and industry colleagues were the first to implement this “big data” technology.

For those still unfamiliar with the technology, INRIX Drive Time search allows us to answer the question, “What listings are a 25 minute drive from my job with a 7:45 AM commute time, 15 minutes away from my partner’s job at an 8:15 AM commute time, and within 10 minutes of mom’s house at 6 PM?”  Though we call it “Drive Time” search, the INRIX tool lets us calculate for public transportation, bike, and walking commute times as well.

At the CMLS conference this year, INRIX was given some time on stage – but I’m not sure there was enough time to absorb what they were doing in the panel setting. Actually, the same could be said for REDPLAN ( and Distil Networks (! That’s why I’m putting some images of INRIX implementations here people to look at, from the RE/MAX Results implementation here in Minnesota. You can click on each image for a larger version.

1 - Criteria


2 - Map without Gallery

4 - Listing Detail with Times

To be accurate, Clareity provided a VERY early real sneak peak for this concept back in 2005, in the 2005 NAR Mid-Year Meeting Report – see the section on isochrone mapping.

More information about INRIX and its real estate implementations is available on

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2 comments on “INRIX Real Estate Drive Time Search Revisited
  1. Thanks, Matt.

    We are excited at Mobile Realty Apps to provide this first mobile implementation of INRIX’ Drive Time search capability and will be rolling this out for a major MLS shortly as well.

  2. Thanks for the post Matt. Indeed new home buyers first pick a neighborhood thane a specific home. Search by INRIX Drive Time takes the guesswork out of determining which neighborhood meets the buyers driving needs. I encourage readers to also check out’s implementation.