RESO Charter MemberThe vision of the Real Estate Standards Organization is to promote and enrich accepted data standards and processes utilized by all professionals in the fully automated real estate transaction through the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS). RESO focuses its efforts toward providing an environment for the development and implementation of data standards and processes that facilitate innovation, ensure portability, eliminate redundancies and obtain maximum efficiencies for all parties participating in the real estate transaction. RESO incorporated in November 2011 as an independent, not-for-profit trade organization having functioned previously as a section of the National Association of Realtors®. The RESO membership currently resides at 40 members including NAR®, multiple listing services, real estate associations and industry technology providers.

Council of Multiple Listing Services - CMLSThe Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) was formed in 1957, as the Northwest Council of MLS. The three founding members of Northwest Council recognized the need to share ideas, service models and management concepts.  The brainstorm of these MLS leaders evolved into a volunteer-led organization with a membership that stretches across all of North America. CMLS’ mission is to successfully act as the premier forum and resource for Multiple Listing Service organizations.  CMLS’ goal is to provide facilitation of practical information and cutting edge management ideas to empower members (and their constituents) to meet the challenges of changing technology, legal issues, and organizational structures.

oid-l-certification-mark-l-rgb-150dpi-90mmThe OpenID Foundation (OIDF) was formed in 2007 and serves as a public trust organization that represents the open community of developers, vendors and users. OIDF is a non-profit international standardization organization of individuals and companies that provides the needed infrastructure and helps in promoting and supporting the adoption of OpenID technologies. OIDF developed OpenID Connect (OIDC), an interoperable authentication protocol, that allows users to be authenticated by application and site developers without having to store and manage passwords. OIDF enables OIDC certification to specific conformance profiles to promote interoperability among implementations. Clareity’s product group (Clareity Security) was the first real estate industry company to ever be OpenID Certified.

REDPLANREDPLAN was formed as a non-profit in 2013 and is an organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of MLS and real estate brokerage intellectual property rights. REDPLAN serves as an advocacy group for the promotion of intellectual property rights for the real estate industry. It serves as an incubator for best practices concerning new and innovative intellectual property usages and rights. The organization provides investigative and monitoring services for the entire industry, and acts like a “central office” for alerts and advisories concerning data theft and misuse. REDPLAN also acts as a clearing-house for litigation strategy and also – through an associational standing position – provides an organization to help class actions take hold so that MLSs, brokerages, and other companies do not have to fight for the protection of their intellectual property rights through individualized, and inefficient, isolated litigation.