Consultant Profiles

Gregg Larson

Gregg LarsonGregg Larson has over thirty years’ experience in the MLS and real estate information industries. His expertise includes:

  • sales
  • market research
  • new product design
  • market development
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • strategic planning
  • recruiting and executive compensation
  • MLS regionalization and governance
  • MLS system and vendor selection

Gregg has worked for organizations such as REDI/Multi-List, the National Association of Realtors (NAR), DATOR, and Moore Data Management Services. During his tenure at Moore, Gregg led new MLS product development and created CyberHomes, the first real estate advertising Internet site updated daily from MLS systems. In 1996, he co-founded Clareity Consulting, an internationally recognized real estate management information technology consulting firm. He has consulted for many of the nation’s largest online companies including AOL, MSN, MapQuest, Classified Ventures/Tribune Companies and on real estate strategy and content acquisition. Gregg has also provided technology, new product, organizational and strategic consulting to many of the nation’s largest brokerages, franchisers, title companies, lenders, information providers, regional MLSs, and MLS vendors.

Gregg is also an experienced public speaker, with numerous professional speaking engagements before real estate audiences worldwide. In 1998, Gregg produced the Law & Order Conference on Intellectual Property, the National Real Estate Advertising Shoot-out, and the RealFuture Technology Conference series, and Gregg has spoken at numerous industry events every year since then.

Gregg is highly respected throughout the real estate industry for his leadership, vision and creativity. His new product design and marketing skills, and successful technology and business strategies have only added to that respect. Gregg has been named to the Inman 100 – the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders – several other times over the past few years. He is also listed on the Swanepoel “Power 200” list of people who have the most power and influence to impact the residential real estate brokerage industry.

Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen Matt Cohen, Clareity’s Chief Technologist, has twenty years of extensive real estate technology and business experience. Matt has consulted for many of the top Associations, regional MLSs, MLS software vendors, and large brokerages, as well as a wide variety of information and technology companies that service the real estate industry.

Clients look to Matt for assistance with:

  • system selection
  • contract negotiation
  • MLS regionalization
  • strategic planning
  • market research and surveys
  • product planning
  • software design and usability
  • security and risk audits

Matt has helped establish Clareity as the most experienced real estate information security consulting company in the United States, and speaking at the SANS Security East conference. He is a public speaker capable of addressing member, executive and technical audiences, speaking at many conferences, workshops, and leadership retreats around the country, including various state association, MLS, NAR, Inman, and Council of MLS conferences. He has been published as an author in Stefan Swanepoel’s “Trends” report and in a variety of Association magazines.

Matt was named as one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in 2013 by Inman News.

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