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Help Protect the Real Estate Community

As a partner in real estate industry, you understand the pressing need for real estate safety education and resources. Since losing his mother, real estate agent Beverly Carter, to a horrific crime, Carl Carter, Jr. has spoken to thousands of

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Inman’s Hacker Connect – Come on Down!

Inman’s Hacker Connect, being held Monday, January 16, 2017 in New York City, promises to be a really interesting time. Instead of the usual presentation and panel formats attendees will split into smaller groups to talk about real estate industry

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Innovative MLS Website to Launch

MyFlorida Regional MLS (MFRMLS) is about to launch one of the most innovative real estate listing websites in years, designed from scratch in collaboration with August Partners and built upon technology from a company that I’ve been a fan of

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MLS: Homegrown and Happy


There was a period of time when over twenty MLSs, representing about a quarter-million MLS subscribers used a primary MLS system that had been developed in-house by developers, or was developed by a local software company just for them.  We

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Just How Easy Should Software for Professionals Be?

When I’m leading a technology selection process, I ensure my client has a deep understanding of the companies involved, the software, the service, the business implications of contract provisions, the feature differences between systems, and so much more. But for

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Computer Vision and Improving Real Estate Search

Last week I was on a panel at the RESO conference where we talked about software personalization as an important trend. Back in 2008, I wrote some articles about improving prospecting and real estate search, one aspect of which was

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RESO 2016 Fall Conference

Following are my meeting notes from the Real Estate Standard Organization’s 2016 Fall Conference. It isn’t meant to be comprehensive, but covers what happened at key sessions for those who couldn’t attend. Some of the presentations should be available at

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MLS Best Practices for “Coming Soon” Listings

Not every MLS market allows for “coming soon” listings. Various articles have been written about the benefits and pitfalls of these listings and we also discussed them extensively a few years ago at Clareity’s MLS Executive Workshop. But this article

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Data Sharing – Viable, But Not an Easy Answer

In our previous blog post, Clareity Consulting pointed out that “data shares – at least in most markets – are not the answer.”  That doesn’t mean that they are not a useful tool for MLSs for solving issues relating to

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MLS Consolidation in Southern California – Finally?

MLS Consolidation: Brokers Past the Tipping Point I recently had the privilege of being on the “MLS Symposium” program to talk about MLS trends and the future of MLS held in northern San Diego and I saw first-hand how ready

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