System Selection

Clareity’s structured processes help your organization make a good business decision with stakeholder involvement.

Clareity proposes the following steps “à la carte” and can provide a bundled cost depending on what options are chosen:

    1. Survey to determine the current satisfaction and needs. The survey is invaluable as it keeps staff and search committees in alignment with the general membership’s priorities for their next MLS system. Alternately, it helps establish critical success factors for contract renegotiation. Several MLSs have commented that the general survey was worthwhile simply because the members perceived that they were being included in the process.
    2. Meeting to Review Options. Clareity will meet, either in person or via web meeting, with staff, leadership and the search committee to review the latest offerings from leading MLS companies that meet member needs. This presentation is an up-to-date competitive analysis of the latest systems along with their strengths and weaknesses.  Your MLS committee will benefit from this presentation because it will get everyone that is involved in the process up to speed on the MLS vendor options in about two hours.  Either at this stage or the previous one, a decision will be made regarding whether to proceed with a Request for Proposal (RFP) or whether first to attempt to re-negotiate the current contract.
    3. Issue and Analyze the Request for Proposal. Clareity will prepare a custom RFP for selected, qualified vendors, requesting: functional requirements, descriptions, pricing, licensing terms and conditions, support options, and future enhancement strategies. As a part of the RFP process, leadership will have been presented with access to the systems, and Clareity will provide worksheets to help leadership evaluate the systems using a structured methodology. Clareity will analyze the proposals. Clareity will then meet with staff and leadership either via web meeting or in person to review and communicate the findings. Discussion will result in the selection of the leading vendors for full demonstrations.
    4. Demonstrations and Leading Vendor Selection. Clareity will schedule, facilitate and attend vendor system presentations from the short list of two to four finalists selected earlier. The MLS committee will use Clareity’s comprehensive scoring system to evaluate the systems based on the predetermined critical success factors; the resulting evaluation will guide the committee to the best decision. Clareity will subsequently present a review of the completed vendor selection process and guide the leadership through all of the information learned throughout the selection process. Clareity will then work with the group to select the vendor with whom your organization will engage in contract negotiations.
    5. Negotiate a Win-Win Deal. Clareity will help your organization negotiate a contract with the selected vendor, locking in critical software licensing, IP protection, and system performance language.  Our expertise in contract negotiations, in collaboration with an attorney of your choice, will ensure your organization successfully negotiates all of its interests for the life of the contract and beyond.


“The decision was made to hire Clareity to assist the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors through the selection process. It was a very smart decision and money very well spent. Clareity was spot on throughout the process with guidance and expertise on everything from technical requirements to the wording of member communications.”

Lyle Irish, Executive Vice President, KAAR

“Your guidance, energy and industry knowledge was were absolutely invaluable to the process. We could not have done it without you.”

Melanie Blakeney, RCE, CEO/Executive Vice President Memphis Area Association of REALTORS®

“You were extremely helpful to us not only for the process – but also a great resource after conversion. You definitely show you care for your clients. Not all consultants stay involved after they have been paid. Thank you for always being willing to lend an ear to a question.”

Sheila Dodson, Executive Vice President, Coastal Association of REALTORS