Help Protect the Real Estate Community

As a partner in real estate industry, you understand the pressing need for real estate safety education and resources. Since losing his mother, real estate agent Beverly Carter, to a horrific crime, Carl Carter, Jr. has spoken to thousands of agents across the country about the need for safety program integration. The need is real, and the solution is complex.

Carl has founded The Beverly Carter Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, with the following mission: to create a lasting, substantive, positive impact on safety that every agent needs – and deserves.

The Beverly Carter Foundation envisions multiple nationwide programs to address the current state of safety in the real estate industry. Their efforts will be focused on providing the following programs at no cost to real estate agents:

1. Educational Resources
2. Instructor-Led Training & Certification Program
3. Safety Seminars & Certification Events
4. Technology Support & Endorsement
5. Victim Support & Advocacy
6. Agent Safety Legislation

Their efforts to keep safety at the forefront of the industry can’t take effect unless they have support. They are seeking a tax-deductible donation, which can be made here:

Please feel free to contact Beverly’s son Carl directly at 501.912.6708 or

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