Discover Network

Clareity’s Discover Module is a comprehensive directory of the industry’s technology and services offered through the Clareity SSO Dashboard. Agents and Brokers use the Discover Module to search for pre-approved products and services, read reviews, watch videos and compare products to boost their business all within their natural workflow.

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What’s in it for the MLS? The MLS adds value to their membership by educating their agents and offering countless industry resources. The MLS controls what is displayed in the Discover Module to give their stamp of approval.Reach hundreds of thousands of agents through various MLS dashboards using the Discover Network. Inquire here about a list of our current MLS syndication.


The Discover Module is an opportunity for real estate related vendors to expose their brand to Agents and Brokers as a part of their natural workflow. Our Single Sign-On Dashboards reach over 500,000 Agents in some of the largest MLSs in the country.The Discover Module is essentially a “Plug-In” on the Dashboard. Agents log into their dashboard 3-4 times per day to access their MLS and other useful services. This is a chance to get valuable brand exposure, targeted to Agents in the markets of your choice, while work is top of mind. We partner with top real estate software and gold standard relationship tools.