MLS and Association Products


Clareity’s Full Service Platform for MLSs & Associations
Clareity’s MLS and Association Single Sign-On (SSO) Dashboards create significant subscriber convenience, drives adoption of third party applications, and centralizes subscriber access under a single login.

check Increased efficiency and convenience for your subscribers
check Reporting and tracking of application access
check Over 250 applications ready to be added to the dashboard
check Fully managed & hosted service with ongoing support from a trusted security partner
check Customizable for desktop or mobile
check Customized Content Management System allowing you to publish your content within your workflow & create targeted notifications to unique groups of users

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Clareity’s Identity Management Platform

SAFEMLS PLUSNot only does Clareity connect your applications, but we also protect the investment you make in your applications. SafeMLS™ PLUS risk management-based authentication suite combines advanced analytics and a zero-footprint solution to accurately identify, and automatically remediate accounts at higher risk for sharing and unauthorized access.

check Risk Management Dashboard – Offers a system-wide percentage breakdown of “at risk” accounts& segments it by level with an easy-to-use risk score
check Account Sharing Analytics – Identification of higher risk accounts makes it easy to target cost-effective remediation
check Automated Remediation – Customizable, automated remediation plans to minimize account sharing & unauthorized access
check Transparent Monitoring – Rich data collection of in-session factors without impacting members
check Mobile Ready – Mobile devices & tablets are fully supported & monitored
check Protect your MLS Resources – Preserve your revenue system

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