Single Sign-On (SSO) Dashboard

Clareity's Single Sign-On (SSO) Dashboard, designed for MLSs and Associations, creates significant subscriber convenience, drives adoption of third party applications, and centralizes subscriber access under a single login. SSO eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and logins creating a seamless workflow for your subscribers. With our SSO Dashboard, your subscribers immediately know the applications available to them making it easier than ever to display your MLS value proposition. We are modernizing the way MLSs and Associations deliver services.

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Key Benefits

Single Sign-On 2.0 Includes

How it Works

Clareity will implement SSO for SafeMLS® PLUS to serve as your Identity Provider (IdP), assist authorized service providers (vendors) to integrate their applications with the IdP, and deploy the new custom dashboard to your subscribers.  Once implementation is complete, subscribers can easily log into SafeMLS® PLUS using a standard User ID and password and begin to move easily & securely between authorized applications without authenticating each time.