The Real Estate Information Security Center

Clareity Consulting is committed to improving information security practices in the real estate industry and employs three strategies in this effort:

  1. Security Articles. There are many useful articles posted on this website. You are welcome to reprint them, but please request permission to do so.
  2. Information Security Workshops. Bringing real estate information security education to regions across the U.S., these events enable real estate professionals and their vendors to begin to implement an information security program for their company. More information about the workshops. Clareity also provides information security presentations in shorter formats.
  3. Security Audits. Risk assessment and remediation is a management responsibility for business owners and in some states is mandated by law (i.e. Oregon 646A.622). Clareity provides more security audits for our industry than any other company. If your company has not had a security audit in the last few years, please call Matt Cohen (612-747-5976) to discuss your needs.

The most important thing to know about “Information Security” is that it is a much broader problem than “Computer Security”. While there have been some significant computer security breaches in our industry, most of the publicized information security breaches have had nothing to do with computers. So, there are roles in an information security program for management, IT staff – and everyone else.

Wire Fraud

Reducing the Risk of Wire FraudWire fraud has become such a significant issue for our industry. Clareity has written, and regularly updates, “Reducing the Risk of Wire Fraud,” which covers many aspects of the wire fraud scam and outlines what brokers need to do in great depth. Tom Flanagan has created a well-written piece as well, “Online criminals are targeting the real estate industry” (links off-site).

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