Real Estate Information Security Workshops

Real Estate Information Security WorkshopClareity can provide security education in a variety of formats – from a short half hour update to a four and a half hour intensive workshop, and everything inbetween. For the longest format workshops, the mornings start out with non-technical materials, and the sessions grow more technical over the course of the afternoon, so the sessions accommodate both less technical and technically-oriented attendees. The workshop has been held in over 40 local markets so far, all over the United States.

If you are an MLS / Association executive interested in having this workshop in your market, or have an interest in Clareity’s Security Audit services, please email Matt Cohen (

Kudos for the workshops:

The seminar was incredible. I was not expecting such a high quality presentation. That seminar was one that anyone from non-technical agent to a technical person like me could learn from. I took 13 pages of notes during the 3 1/2 hours of presentation time. I am so glad [we] decided to attend. – R. Henry, IT Director

I say thank you for the seminar yesterday! I am changing some things in my office as I type this email! There were just some things that I did not know! I am forever grateful! My business will be better because of it! – G. Reed

We were all VERY impressed with your presentation … Your content was spot-on! Well done and thank you! – K. Von Wasmuth, CEO

I wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and appreciate everything I learned there. I have a long to-do-list of things to implement now. So thank you! – K. Casey, REALTOR and CIO

This is an important event that should be made available to every designated broker and office manager who are paid subscribers. – H. Edwards, Broker/Manager

I really enjoyed the workshop and took away a lot of great information from it. You don’t have to be particularly technical to absorb the concepts and general ideas. I thought the tools on the thumb drive were such a nice touch! It was well worth my time and I wish that several colleagues of mine had attended. – D. Smith, Broker Owner

I thought the presentation was very good and well worth the time. – D. Calvo, CEO

Great Seminar! – W. Edmonds, V.P. Information Technology

Thank you for the valuable information during and after the session. I would love to see a follow up session down the road to take us further in our efforts to provide a more secure environment for our clients and ourselves. – R. DeLieto, CCIM, CNE, Real Estate Specialist

Thanks again for your security class at MRIS, it was great! – E. Sowar, Director of IT

I found your presentation to be inspiring. See you in May at NAR. Let me know what sessions you are offering, and I will make every effort to attend.” – J. Parker Landsman, VP, NVAR

I found your workshop very interesting … I truly learned a lot. The association I work for is very small and as a result, when we have issues with our computer systems, website, etc. it always falls on me to get it taken care of!!! Thanks again for the great workshop! – M. Ellis, Chief Executive Officer

Attended today, it was great, thanks to you guys and NTREIS! I looked over your zip drive and will definitely run some of the tools you provided and continue learning more about security. – J. Phillips, Broker

Even though the workshop was highly technical, my wife and I received a lot of good information that we can put to use. – S. France, President

I passed the great tools on to our IT department – they will be able to make good use of all those wonderful tools! – D. Pizzutello, Continuing Education Director

Great job today Matt!!! – G.Christoph, MLS Systems Director

I enjoyed your presentation at SCCAOR. – J. Mock, Broker

I thank you for the trememdous amount of info you disseminated to the class. – C. Koh, Broker

It was terrific! You’re the best! [We] learned several important things. – M. Carder, Director of Real Estate Technology

Great info – Thank you to you and your sponsors for the program. – J. Weber, Director of Member Services

Thank you Matt, excellent information that will be put to use … Currently, it is just me and my home computer, so the couple of free sites will be put to good use! – J. Aasen, Broker

Thanks so much for the workshop … there was a lot of valuable information that I received that will help us be better prepared as well as more aware of potential issues. Very much worth my time without question! – C. Freeman, IDX/VOW Vendor

Good tools to tighten up security. – M. Schatz, Broker

We thank you for an excellent presentation. It is great to put this very important subject into perspective. I have new appreciation for the importance of information security. Thank you for that. – K. Green, Principal/Broker in Charge

Thank you – it was interesting and informative. – J. Corniea

Thanks for today’s seminar. It is a good refresher for fighting off complacency on the job while working on other tasks. – A. Miller, Director Network Operations

I’m so glad I attended the workshop yesterday. I learned so many things to be aware of. I have already changed some things. – R. Henderson, Realtor

Thank you for giving the Information Security workshop. I found several ideas and concepts that we’ll be looking to incorporate into our organization. Thanks again for a very informative workshop. – S. Ferner, Information Technology Manager

This is the 3rd security related talk of yours that I’ve attended, I always seem to pick up something new. – R. Johnson, Manager, Planning & Design

We appreciate your time and your willingness to share such extensive knowledge with us. We are definitely going to get some policies in place very soon. Thanks for the flash drive. I can’t wait to dig into the info on it. – S. Romeo, Broker-in-Charge

Thanks for the presentation it was well worth it. Everything in the class was very useful. – T. Lee, Director of Website Technology

Thanks a bunch – I enjoyed the conference yesterday! – D. King, Technical Support Manager

Thanks for everything! – C. Cumbie, Director of MLS

It was a fantastic program, Matt. And so critical. I learned so much and you presented it all so clearly. – B. O’Connor, Director of Technology Training