Recruiting / Compensation Review


Your business is only as successful as your leaders and employees. Clareity has discreetly helped recruit some of the brightest minds in our industry for their current positions, both executive and technical. Clareity has regular contact with executives and staff who have expressed an interest in finding a new position, and also has an extensive industry professional database and access to other industry channels for locating the best candidates for any position.

Clareity can provide a fully managed process or can provide assistance during parts of the recruiting and hiring process in an ‘a la carte’ manner including:

  • Requirement assessment and review of position description and selection criteria
  • Posting of ads on industry newsgroups, job sites, and email distribution lists
  • Extensive exposure using social media via several Clareity partners
  • Phoning and emailing relevant individuals with whom Clareity has an existing relationship to ascertain their interest and/or to find out if they know a qualified individual who may be interested
  • Review of resumes and selection of qualified candidates based on comparison of resumes to selection criteria
  • Candidate screening via telephone interviews and reference investigation
  • Reporting on candidates
  • Scheduling of in-person interviews
  • Attendance at in-person interviews
  • Meetings with selection committees
  • Compensation package negotiation

Clareity’s objective is typically to find several leading candidates and provide advice during the selection process. However, our clients typically make the final selection to eliminate potential for favoritism or a conflict of interest.

We are regularly told that Clareity’s executive recruiting and selection process is the most professional and dignified in the industry.

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Compensation Review

Clareity performs regular real estate industry surveys regarding staffing and salary. It can conduct an analysis and provide opinion letters regarding both executive compensation and organizational staffing and salaries. This is most commonly initiated by the executive or his/her board of directors on a regular basis to ensure they are performing appropriate research in performing their fiduciary responsibility.

MLS Executive - Vacation Time

Cindy Butts“The level of Clareity’s expertise related to various MLS positions and ability to segment it into useful demographics greatly assisted in my review/decisions of salaries and benefits. Association survey information and local IT position information just doesn’t capture the needs of MLS salary reviews.”
Cindy Butts, CEO (former), Maine Real Estate Information Systems, Inc.

“I am especially thankful that we had your help in the evaluation of our CEO/AE. Your history, insight and knowledge of other organizations and our industry were of extreme importance in providing our Executive Committee the basis to perform a proper evaluation. I would highly recommend you to other organizations so please let me know how I can help.”
Mike Craddock, Broker-Associate, First Commercial. Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Please contact Clareity to describe your needs.